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Welcome to the Family!

I just got word you subscribed to Movement Masterminds, so I decided to record a personal video to welcome you to our community of awesomeness!!!


Now that you’re part of the Movement Masterminds inner circle, we have great things in store for you. Your subscription gives you immediate access to some of the brightest minds on the planet in the realm of movement & pain.

This platform is designed to compress decades of learning, and provide you access that will take your movement mastery efforts further, faster than you ever thought possible.

But where should you start?

Our Resources page is the perfect orientation. There you’ll find blogs, articles, webinars, etc – from the Movement Masterminds faculty of Educators. And it’s all FREE!

Now – for the bonuses you signed up for!

Video #1:

Video #2:

An extraordinary life doesn’t just interrupt you. You need the best tools, strategies and insights – and a relentless drive to make it happen. Thanks again for signing up!
Kevin Murray,
Master Jedi & lover of all animals

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