What’s Your Morning Routine?

It’s the small decisions, made consistently – day in & day out – that have the BIGGEST impact!

In a world that’s moving at break-necks speeds, routine’s can provide an enormous amount of certainty. For me, I’ve structured my life to start every weekday morning the exact same way.

We all have routines. Some are conscious, others are not. Some are virtuous, others are not.

Paradoxically, within my structured morning routine is IMMENSE variety! How can that be you ask?

CLICK HERE to see certainty and uncertainty take place concurrently.

I consciously incorporate a movement environment that tilts, oscillates, translates & rotates in all 3-dimensions simultaneously. This more than satiates my body’s need for variability.

Question: What’s your morning routine? Does it include a healthy dose of movement and variability? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Until next time fellow Jedi Masters…

Try not – Do, or do not… There is no try.


Written by:

Kevin Murray
Movement Masterminds – CEO
Function First – Education Director