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Pain-Free Movement Specialist Inquisition.

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We’ve just finished our long-awaited insiders manual – 5 Things Trainers Should Know About Chronic Pain. You can’t purchase it, but for our subscribers – it’s FREE. (keep reading, how to get your copy is listed below)

The 5 Things Trainers Should Know About Chronic Pain accompanies our flagship online curriculum, focused entirely on mastering the “6 foundational pillars” making up Level 1 of Function First Mastery.

The Pain-Free Movement Specialist is the culmination of over 20 years utilizing the Function First Approach to help those living with pain. It’s a complete brain dump of everything we know about corrective exercise and working with the chronic pain population.

In addition, 5 Things Trainers Should Know About Chronic Pain covers many of the principles we use to utterly wipe out our clients barriers to success before we even begin the movement assessment process.


HOWEVER, we’re hoping you can help us with something…

Would you please take this short survey and provide us your insights and direction? I promise it will take you less than one minute. We value your input and want you as part of this process.

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P.S. – Once you complete the survey, you can download your FREE copy of 5 Things Trainers Should Know About Chronic Pain manual.

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