TOP FIVE Frequently Asked Questions:

Level 1 Online Platform

  1. Is there a timeline to complete Level 1?
    There is no timeline… you can move as quickly as your heart desires. Or take as long as you’d like, and re-watch as much of the video content as you’d like. It’s been designed to fit multiple learning styles and environments.
  2. Can I receive Continuing Education Units/Credits for Level 1?
    Obtaining CEC credits for Level 1 is entirely dependent upon the organization you’re certified through. All organizations have slightly different and unique requirements, and will look at our curriculum differently. Thus far, none of our Level 1 grads have been denied CEU/CEC’s from their respective providers.
  3. Upon completion, can I enroll in the subsequent live events?
    The live events all build off the foundational framework received in Level 1, with each level going deeper and deeper into mastering all elements of the Function First Approach and working with people in pain.
  4. Do I need to complete all 4 levels if I enroll in Level 1?
    You can stop at any level you wish. Enroll in level 1 only; go all the way to level 4, or stop anywhere in between. It’s your choice.
  5. Are there specific education credentials or requirements to enroll in Level 1?
    No post-secondary or continuing education requirements are needed to enroll. If you do have the aforementioned, we have a ‘Bridging Track’ for approved designations.

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