The “To Be Continued” Affect

Written by: Kevin Murray

We’ve all been there, intensely wrapped up in a television show wondering how the main protagonist is ever going to get themselves out of their seemingly impossible predicament. When all of a sudden the clock on your wall catches your periphery and you realize “wait a minute, the hour’s almost up… I’m going to have to wait till next week’s episode to find out what happens aren’t I?”

And then you see it… The three most frustrating words to come across your television screen:

“To be continued…”



This email possibly embodies that same sort of feeling… How so? Anthony and I have BLOCKBUSTER-esque news to share. But just like those dreaded “to be continued” cliffhangers, we can’t reveal the full plot just yet.

That said, we do wish to drop you a hint; a glimpse into the next episode if you will… The news involves a substantial collaboration between Function First and one of the industry’s premier education providers.

In all seriousness, Anthony and I are super excited to share our news with you. We’re just dotting the last I’s and crossing the last T’s. Stay tuned…






Kevin Murray
Movement Masterminds – CEO
Function First – Director of Education
2012 CSEP CPT of the Year