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Finding the right speaker can be challenging. During my time instructing in the post secondary realm, I quickly realized that student success and comprehension largely came down to the quality of instruction.


The Ultimate Learning Experience:

Outstanding Speaker

Total Immersion Environment

Like-minded Participants

Individualized Autonomy


There is no substitute for immersing yourself into new ways of thinking and leaving with a new sense of what’s possible. These 4 primary ingredients generate a recipe for immense growth, leading those involved down a path towards personal and professional mastery.

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How I Got Started Speaking

I owe the inception of my speaking pilgrimage to Leanne Telford. As Chair in the Health Sciences Department (personal fitness trainer division) at Canada’s largest polytechnic institute – NAIT, she took a chance and hired me as a teachers assistant, which ultimately turned into an instructors role.

Not long after I began instructing I got my first taste of conference style speaking collaborating with Anthony Carey & Thomas Myers. I quickly identified the enormous contrasting differences between post secondary and live event speaking.

I now devote my speaking solely to live-events. In the process I’ve met countless extraordinary individuals – all of whom have a unique story and truly desire to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives. It’s been my privilege to have a platform to serve them all, where the live interaction and ripple effect that often takes place knows no limits.

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Most Requested Topics

I speak on topics related to Corrective Exercise and Chronic Pain, Biomechanics, Functional Anatomy and Human Needs Psychology. My goal is to facilitate the outcome you want to create for your staff or attendees.

My most requested topics are listed below. While many of them are single or multi-day events, bear in mind I also have half-day renditions and even shorter Keynote alternatives.  Please click on the “Start The Conversation” button or “Request Detailed Outline” link at the end of each topic description for more information.


Advanced Mechanics In Motion: Have you ever recognized someone from a distance by the way they moved? How is it we can identify an individual without even seeing his or her face? While we truly are unique in how we move, there is nothing basic about human motion and ambulation. In this one-day presentation, you’ll learn how understanding advanced biomechanical concepts and principles lead to the movement intelligence that’s necessary to work with elite-level athletes, to individuals suffering from chronic pain. Request Detailed Outline »


3D compass with map and monocular on wooden tableAdvanced Anatomy: A Trainers Guide to Whole Body Function: If we follow the laws of traditional mechanics and relate them to the human organism, our bodies would not be capable of handling our daily environments. Our muscles would rupture, and our skeleton would collapse. Simply stated, the human body goes far beyond levers, fulcrums and columns. In this seminar, you’ll discover what’s behind our unique architecture. Starting from the cellular level, and progressing to complex whole body kinematics – all the while exploring biotensegrity – I’ll shed insight into the structural and biological reality that is human geometry in motion over this 2-day seminar. Request Detailed Outline »


Movement Masterminds Masterclass – CERTIFICATION: The ultimate success formula culminating in movement mastery comes down to several key ingredients. Combining biotensegrity & advanced mechanics, soft tissue mapping, the latest in pain science and finally synthesizing all the information into a blueprint for program design creates a systematic approach where guessing and uncertainty no longer exist. Movement Masterminds defines intelligence as the number and quality of distinctions an individual possess in a particular situation. Imagine having the ability to make an immediate impact with any individual, without relying on methods or techniques, but rather a sound understanding of the fundamental truths and principles that regulate human functionality. We settle for nothing less over this 3-day seminar. Request Detailed Outline »


Bridging The Gap: “Almost every significant breakthrough is first a break with old tradition, with old ways of thinking, & old paradigms”. Thomas Kuhn articulates the complexity involved with setting a new course, which abhors a straight line. In this collaboration between Kevin Murray and Anthony Carey, their cumulative experience comes together over 3-days in a quest to unleash the “Fully Integrated Practitioner.”  Request Detailed Outline »


Business Performance with Bar ChartPerformance Summit: In this 2-day event, Kevin – along with Movement Masterminds faculty members Derrick Price & John Sinclair, discuss all things performance. From the psychological realm of performance, to chronic pain & corrective exercise, whole body soft tissue mapping, small group training & Loaded Movement Training –  success ultimately comes down to several key ingredients. The competitive edge and will to succeed you already possess… What’s left is the map you need that will guide you towards differentiating yourself in the eyes and hearts of your clients’ and athletes’.  Request Detailed Outline »

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Moving Forward

Thanks again for your forethought and considering me for your live event. You can take the next step by checking my availability. Simply click the “Start The Conversation” button (Someone on my team will get back with you ASAP) or by clicking “Request Detailed Outline” link above.

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 Hear What Others Are Saying

Kevin provides a very rare and humble approach to education that fosters an efficient atmosphere for dialogue and collaborative learning. Anyone who takes a course from Kevin is sure to see his passion for learning, and his love for sharing his knowledge with others. It has been an honor to know Kevin and to be a part of his journey.
Michael Martindale
Senior Integration Manager - World Health, Edmonton


During my time in the NAIT PFT program I was fortunate enough to have Kevin as an instructor. In a program full of instructors with glowing resumes and a long list of accolades, Kevin was a stand out for me. It would be dishonest for me to say Kevin didn’t have a large impact in how much I was able to learn.

Using innovative and clear techniques, Kevin was able to not only facilitate learning, but long-term retention of key facts. He approached his classes with an excellent combination of charisma and straightforward delivery.

Ryley Russell
Personal Fitness Trainer Graduate - Nait


I have been fortunate to hear Kevin speak on several occasions. He is an intelligent, passionate and relevant speaker. His ability to intertwine his knowledge with ideas and references that connect with his audience makes his presentations both educational and entertaining
Andy Lewis
Personal Training Director - LA Fitness, Edmonton


I’ve attended a variety of seminars set up and presented by Kevin Murray. The exciting and relevant ways he was able to deliver the material made these seminars eye opening and educational. The material has completely changed how I look at the health and wellness industry and revamped how I approach training my clients.

Kevin has taught me how to look at the way the body moves from a different perspective. He has helped my clients reach a pain-free lifestyle, which they, at one point, deemed unreachable

Erin Cysouw


The Personal Trainers Guide To Whole Body Function workshop with Kevin was absolutely outstanding. It is my belief that one of the most valuable things we can do for our client’s is explain WHY! If we as Trainers explain to our clients the why’s behind what we are asking them to do, the clients are more likely to adhere to their program and see results, and thus have a higher perceived value of us as their Trainer.

Kevin’s workshop connects a lot of dots regarding how the body works as a unit, but he also explains it in a way that ‘The Why’ can be understood by the trainer so they can truly absorb information and explain it to their clients.

Darryl Marchuk
Regional Manager, World Health, Edmonton


I had the immense pleasure of having Kevin Murray as my teacher during my time at the NAIT personal trainer diploma program. To this day he has stood out as one of the greatest educators, if not the single greatest educator, I’ve had during my academic career.

It is difficult to recreate the tremendous impact he has had on my life with only words, but I will do my best. Kevin’s teaching style is one of immense passion and understanding. While in class he wouldn’t just lecture to us; he would teach us in a way that allowed a high level of engagement, and therefore a high level of comprehension. This level of comprehension from his classes is still something I have not encountered to this day. We were active members of his classes and our own education, instead of being passive bystanders. His passion and excitement for the material was infectious, which always transferred to us by the end of the class.

Essentially, Kevin is one of the greatest teachers, mentors, and educators I’ve ever come across.

Luke Nash
Personal Fitness Trainer Graduate - Nait


I first met Kevin when I was attending NAIT, in the Personal Fitness program. Kevin was always upbeat and very passionate about what he was teaching and has a true understand of how the human body works. I remember whenever I had a class with Kevin I got excited because I knew that I was going to learn something. He always found a way to get the most out of the students, he did it in a way that made each student feel empowered, and he allowed us to learn on our own.

NAIT was not the only place that I had learned from Kevin. I found out about workshops that Kevin was a part of, and for me to learn more from the greatest instructor I ever had was a no brainer. I have now attended 5 workshops that Kevin has been a part of and each one he has over delivered. Kevin has a true passion for helping others to a pain free life, and it shows in his work. To go and learn about the human body as a whole at one of his workshops is truly something special, and he makes it easy for each person to discover and learn the human body.

Chris Griffiths
Personal Fitness Trainer Graduate - Nait


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