Maximize Your Pain-Free Potential

Transcend to Pain-Free Movement With Silver

Have you bought into the belief that pain is just a part of getting older? Has minor discomfort accelerated into something that can no longer be ignored? Is pain “management” not something you’re willing to subscribe to?

Watch the 60 second video explaining the process behind the ‘Silver Option’.

What if proximity, time constraints and lack of guidance were no longer obstacles’ to achieving your pain-free reality?

Movement Masterminds Silver Option provides a step-by-step approach that guides you towards your pain-free breakthrough. Silver takes you down a path where you are in control, where success is dependent upon you taking action with exercises each day, and dependent upon no-one else.

Maximize Your Pain-Free Potential

  • Includes 2 hour consult and movement based assessment.
  • Includes your personalized corrective exercise program with computerized handout.
  • Email support
  • Skype support available (additional cost)

 Total cost for Silver’s 2-Hour Appointment = $290.00

Pain SUCKS – Be Pain-Free!

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