Should Ask Questions

The power of questions is profound… it’s how all change begins.

Whether it’s change within an organization, a business endevour or in an intimate relationship, the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of the questions you ask yourself on a daily basis.

Here’s our Top 5 SHOULD Ask Questions.

What Are You No Longer Willing To Settle For?

Everything shifts when we begin asking new questions. If you’re willing, please share your thought’s below (once you’ve watched the video). Click the “Add comment” icon below and let’s create a community that’s interdependent, & a culture that collaborates and grows through sharing.

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One thought on “Should Ask Questions

  1. I’m no longer willing to settle for ‘everything’, not ANYthing. I’m realizing EVERYthing is possible because I don’t HURT anymore. I can now move without pain, getting out of a chair, standing on the spot for more than a minute, sleeping, driving. After about a month with Movement Masterminds program, I was on downhill skis for the first time in 25 years, a part of my life that I thought was forever done. I’m now a confident regular on the ski hill and enjoying this with my son !!
    The typical ‘doctor’ path confirmed nothing was broken in half etc. but did NOT address my chronic pain or suggest a route for me to move away from the pain. Kevin at Movement masterminds is how I achieved this and wildly exceeded my own expectations for myself.
    Are you skeptical? I was too, but it was important enough for me to try, it’s my life and I was missing lots, even dancing with my daughter at her High School Graduation. I gave it a try and I’m able to stand from sitting without struggling, walk without wincing the first few steps, bend and even TWIST without pain. – not to mention downhill ski, water sports, and what ever I decide I want to go do – it DOES NOT HURT anymore !! contact Kevin – it’s worth your time and I can’t put a price on the life change this has been for me. Ask Kevin to get me to contact you as well if you like- I will answer any questions you have, even if it’s as simple as where to park and what doors to use when you go see him the first time.