Pain-Free Movement Specialist Level 3

Three-Day Mentorship

Establishing an environment where each client is provided a blank canvas with the sole purpose of re-writing his or her movement blueprint through the power of corrective exercise is what this immersive, Three-Day live event is designed to achieve.

Mentorship Concept.

Additionally, level 3 dives deep into a select number of advanced assessments, followed by the interpretation process. Many times, the current biomechanical state of the special populations clientele does not allow for the global movement assessments previously covered in level 2.

A joint-by-joint analysis of the interplay between various body segments & how specific pathologies can negatively affect whole body movement will be thoroughly covered.  How joint integrity and the corresponding functional anatomy and motor control may be altered due to various surgical interventions and/or genetic pre-dispositions and how to provided a comprehensive corrective exercise program will also be of high priority throughout the 24 hours of learning.

Lastly, level 3 provides insight into how to market your current brand, and how to work with other medical & special population industries to better serve the chronic pain population.

Level 3 Objectives:

  • Each Pain-Free Movement Specialist will understand how various surgical interventions and genetic per-dispositions affect’s function and movement.
  • Introduced to basic gait assessment principles and how they correlate with the other assessments.
  • The ability to express in written or verbal form, the mechanisms behind the neuro-myofascial-skeletal responses to the exercises.
  • You’ll be given guidance on how to build rapport and business relationships within the medical, rehabilitation and fitness communities, and how to synergistically add value in a collaborative network.

Level 3 provides each PFMS the opportunity to create the abundant future which all chronic pain suffers’ ultimately desire by assimilating the skills and expertise necessary to meet the complex needs associated with the special populations demographic.

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