Pain-Free Movement Specialist Level 4

Three-Day Mastery Academy

One of the secrets behind creating lasting change is first understanding that various human needs can be met through experiencing pain, whether it’s pain emerging from biomechanical limitations, or more psychological in nature.

Make no mistake – pain is a subjective experience, and very often an individual garners a great deal of attention and significance from his or her pain. What is then required to create lasting change goes far beyond the optics of a purely biomechanical perspective.

In Level 4, you’ll be introduced to various principles and strategies behind recognizing the precise patterns that are controlling many of your clients’ thoughts, feelings and emotions, many of which negatively impact movement, further enhancing pain.

From the client centered interviewing process, understanding Human Needs Psychology®, becoming cognizant of the biopyschosocial model in relation to pain, to ultimately guiding the process of each clients’ self-discover that a life driven by autonomy and pain free movement IS possible, & within his or her own reach.

Accompanying the 3-Day Mastery Academy are the 5 Core Business Concepts, that once modeled, can lead any manual or movement practitioner to thrive in the corrective exercise industry

Mastery Academy’s 5 Core Business Concepts:

1.     Recognize the business you’re currently servicing, & how to consciously design a powerful blueprint that will guide you towards your ultimate vision.

2.     Decipher what your natural leadership style is, & how to build your team based around the needs of the business.

3.     Discover the values and purpose driving your operational decision-making process, & how/when to implement change.

4.     Learn the secrets to broadening your client base by discovering the unique X-Factor behind your business.

5.     Identify which primary principles are required for innovation, marketing and communications success best suited for your current business needs and desired outcomes.


Level 4 Objectives:

  • Each Pain-Free Movement Specialist will be introduced to the client centered interviewing process designed specifically for working with the chronic pain population.
  • Learn the principles behind “Human Needs Psychology®” and its impact on identity, pain & movement.
  • Assimilate how the Biopsychosocial Model applies to the chronic pain demographic, & uncover dynamic strategies to immediately resolve & re-frame any clients’ self imposed limitations.
  • Uncover the 5 Core Business Concepts for consistent industry prosperity & the skills necessary to build your unique company brand.
  • Recognize how to turn your unique business identity & brand into a first class customer experience, resulting in repeat customers & consistent referrals.
  • Observe, practice and apply the principles & strategies with fellow PFMS, on your way to obtaining your Function First Mastery Certificate.

Function First Mastery requires precision, distinct strategies and crystal clear objectives. It’s a pledge to settle for nothing less than remarkable achievements in the most meaningful areas of business & professional development.

Mastery is unwavering perseverance to do whatever it takes, and the know how to change your approach if needed. It’s about creating consistent breakthroughs, extraordinary results, and always finding a way to serve the best interest of the client, athlete or patient.

Function First Mastery is a total immersion into truly mastering all aspects of The Function First Approach today, and any future evolutions scientific research and practical applications provide.

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