Pain-Free Digitally

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Few things are as exhausting as living with chronic pain. Tasks that used to be enjoyable are now a burden. And it’s not just you that suffers. Your spouse, children, grand-kids, friends, colleagues… they all recognize the crippling reality of someone experiencing chronic pain.

Do you feel alone when it comes to your pain?

Being in pain can be a lonely road without guidance. At times, pain can make you feel isolated.

“Why hasn’t the pain gone away?”
“Will this pain will last forever?”
“Can anyone help me?”

These are normal questions to be asking. The day-to-day effects can be truly devastating. The bad news is chronic pain does not go away on its own.

But the good news is that life doesn’t have to be that way… A new script can be drafted, with a new story being told.

Pain-Free Digitally
is a system focused on results,
NOT symptoms.

Identifying the source of your pain is the only strategy that creates lasting results. The traditional approach to pain has been treating the effect rather than dealing with the cause – the source of the problem. When the body is observed and looked at as a whole, a story is told. And once that story is seen, the reason to why you’re experiencing pain is revealed. 

The Movement Masterminds philosophy understands this principle, which is one of the driving forces behind our clients success. But what if you’re not able to utilize our approach in person? Does that mean you’re doomed to chronic pain forever?

Pain-Free Digitally

  • Includes:
    • A personalized evaluation of your movement assessments & posture.
    • Your individualized movement-based, home program in PDF document
    • A YouTube video of your exercise program for you to view as often as you need.
  • Email support as needed
  • Skype support available (additional cost)

The Ultimate Success Formula

What you need is a plan.  The part of architectural projectWhen it comes to chronic pain, your action plan MUST be something that can be accessed & repeated daily. Even more than that, it NEEDS to fit easily into your various daily obligations.

Movement Masterminds Pain-Free Digitally is your backstage pass onto a stage specifically designed to help you eliminate pain.

Pain-Free Digitally can be accessed from anywhere in the world, without ever having to leave your home! Below are the simple instructions that will guide you towards taking advantage of this unique opportunity.

Stop waiting. Start pursuing your passions now.

Eliminate Pain For Good… From Wherever You Are!world connection_001

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you could do more… knowing there is much to see, live and experience – NOW is your opportunity to eliminate pain for good. Don’t waste another moment living in a fog of pain. Instead, become the example of what’s possible, and transcend your pain into a life that 100% pain-free.

Pain-Free Digitally:

An extraordinary quality of life runs parallel with pain-free living. Take action now!
    • $185.00 to be paid before video submission (U.S. funds) 


Kiss Chronic Pain Goodbye – Starting The Process Is Easy:

  • Schedule a 30:00 Skype call that will be used to view your evaluation live.  This requires a web cam with microphone (already built into most new laptops/desktops) and a free Skype account. Select the time that fits into your schedule by clicking below.
Pain-Free Digitally
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Investment Rundown

Pain-Free Digitally:

    • $185.00 to be paid before video submission (U.S. funds) 

Call us today or use the links above to get started. We will be unable to evaluate your video until payment is received.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone 1-780-221-1582.

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