We Admit it… Our Curriculum Is NOT For Everyone

You wouldn’t begin construction on a new home without first building a solid foundation would you?

Family house under construction.

The answer is obviously no… Yet haven’t you noticed lately how many options are now available.
Just hop on social media and in an instant we are bombarded with endless amounts of information.
Can you relate?

We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom”
– Edward O. Wilson

With so many options available, feeling indecisive is normal. But just like building your own house is not suited for everyone, neither is our curriculum.


To share all the corrective exercise wisdom and guidance we have to movement professionals who wish to learn the why’s behind pain, & HOW TO FEEL 100% CONFIDENT IN THE ASSESSMENT, EXERCISE SELECTION AND PROGRAM DESIGN PROCESS.

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Hear to discover what Pain-Free Movement Specialist Level 2 grad Reyci Martorell has to say about his experience with the PFMS curriculum.
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