Pain-Free Transformation-Integration

Breakthrough To Your Pain-Free Reality With Gold

The Gold option follows the same structure as the Platinum option, only formatted to fit within a busier lifestyle.

Pain-Free Transformation-Integration is a recipe formulated for a 21st Century lifestyle; where work, family, friends – and many other important elements require most of your time, attention and focus.

Watch the one-minute video explaining the process behind the ‘Gold Option’.

Chronic pain manifests itself in many forms. Low back pain, knee aches, hip discomfort, shoulder agony and neck stiffness can all affect your quality of living.

You need an personalized corrective exercise program that fits into your lifestyle, and one that adapts to your schedule. You need a strategy you can take with you wherever you go. The Gold Option provides enough movement repetition, exercise progression, and adequate flexibility to create lasting results.

Gold includes a total of 6 appointments:

  • Includes 3 assessments:
    • Initial 2 hour consult/assessment plus 2 additional 1-hour re-assessments and home exercise programs.
  • Includes 3 follow up appointments:
    • 30 minute follow-ups to go through the current exercise program – from 1st exercise to the last.
  • Email support as needed
  • Skype support available (additional cost)

Total Cost = $779.00.

Pain SUCKS – Be Pain-Free!

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Investment Rundown

Payments Options:

  • $779.00 to be paid at first appointment (Entire 45-days paid in full)

OR (Pay as you go)

  • $349.00 to be paid at first appointment (Includes 2hr assessment & follow-up)
  • $205.00 to be paid at re-assessments (Includes 1hr re-assessment & follow-up)


Be Pain-Free

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