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All people in pain need a guide, someone who understands how to help move them from where they currently are, to where they desire to be.

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The Exercise Alternative to Pain-Free Living

Few things are as exhausting as living with chronic pain. Tasks that used to be enjoyable are now a burden. And it’s not just you that suffers. Your spouse, children, grand-kids, friends, colleagues… they all recognize the crippling reality of someone experiencing chronic pain.

The appropriate exercises, in the correct sequence, executed on a regular basis is a powerful recipe for eliminating chronic pain – for good!


Personalized Programs To Eliminate Pain

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Pain SUCKS – Be Pain-Free!

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Pain SUCKS – Be Pain-Free

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Change Your Story & Re-write Your Life’s Script

What would happen if you decided to run, with your arms wide open, towards settling for nothing less than a life where you’re in control? – Where pain no longer runs your life…

Below are individuals who decided to take back control & emerge as the director to their life’s story. A story where chronic pain is no longer going to be part of the script. A story that’s lived on their terms!

Our Elated Pain-Free Clients

I took up endurance running when I turned 60. I had been a short distance jogger all my life – 5 km on the treadmill 3 or 4 times a week – so 21.1 km sounded like something I could do. After completing my first half marathon however, I was sore and I was injured. This experience was followed by a series of 4 additional half marathons during the next 12 months, and with each successive race, I was hurt even more (Achilles, calves, knees, quads, hips, gluts, and so on). I knew I needed help if I hoped to continue endurance running, and achieve my goal of completing a full marathon.

I went to Kevin Murray, and began to learn about the theories and practices behind Movement Masterminds approach to movement and pain management. Kevin was a master teacher. Not only did I learn about how and why my body moved the way it did, I learned how to correct my dysfunctional movement patterns. The exercises and programs that Kevin made for me were tailored to my specific needs. With Kevin’s help, I have completed over 30 races, completed 15 half marathon races, and completed my first full marathon. I have run injury free for over a year. None of this would have happened without the help of Kevin.

Dr. Dale Ripley
I am a PGA of Canada golf professional and have also played golf professionally around the world. The training level I tried to maintain was very intense and highly repetitive which lead to imbalance and poor function in my body. After a certain point, my performance and comfort level declined exponentially. I had a lot of discomfort and injuries due to poor function throughout my body. Even day to day postures like sitting and standing became difficult and awkward. My muscles would cramp up and become over tired too easily. I spent many hours and dollars on typical therapy and got lots of information but was unable to find a solution. I’ve done Yoga, Pilates, and many many other therapeutical programs and didn’t get much progress.

Kevin’s program is much better. All the aforementioned generally follow the same path and assume everyone is the same. Kevin’s on the other hand is tailored to the individual’s needs and therefore makes it a cut above. He spends a lot more time with the student one on one which sets him apart the standard. I’ve learned a lot from him, his program is excellent and of great value. Especially for anyone looking for relief of pain or poor function that limits them from performing well, I definitely recommend it.

Larry Petryk
In my late teens I incurred an athletic knee injury that never recovered. My knee would ‘give out’ at times when lifting weights, stair walking or even bending more than 90 degrees. I always put more weight on my stronger leg and essentially, without knowing it, limped for 40 years.

Kevin worked with me to regain function and flexibility in my weak knee. He also taught me how to utilize my hips and ankles more efficiently when walking. As a testament to my improvement with Kevin, last summer I walked the ‘Grouse Grind’ with my sons. It is a 2.9-kilometer, 853-meter clime up Grouse Mountain. It is mountain terrain but amounts of 2,830 stairs. I never would have made it without Kevin’s guidance.

Ron Schlender
My SI joint pain started back in 2000 when we were in a car accident. I was x rayed, bone scanned, MRI’ d and cat scanned. Nothing was found, but the pain persisted. I went to a chiropractor and got temporary relief. I also did yoga, some stretching, massage, and even tried acupuncture. Promises of relief but nothing permanent.

I did only 3 weeks of the program with Kevin. I noticed benefits almost immediately, and after the second week my pain was greatly reduced. Today, 2 months later, I continue to do the exercises almost every day and am approximately 90% pain free. My posture has also improved. Pricey, but worth it for me. THANKS KEVIN!!

Clyde Hurtig
I came to Kevin in rough shape. He really had his work cut out for him, with me! I was going in for knee replacement surgery, was in pain, and unable to walk without a noticeable limp. I was hoping to get a handle on my issues, in order to go into surgery in better shape than I was. He worked with me on a weekly basis, but send me home with a series of exercises to do daily.

I had heard about the great work Kevin had done with a friend, who highly recommended him. Kevin doesn’t focus on the site of the pain, but searches for the cause of the pain. The exercises are not typical physiotherapy exercises but a series of corrective exercises that are directed at my individual performance enhancement. He understands the science of human movement, and in turn helps correct, and improve my issue. Through a customized, progressive program he has helped me on the road to recovery. I went back to see Kevin after surgery and went from a restricted range of bend in my knee to more than 125 degree bend! I am now pain-free, and cane free!

Cheryl Struk-Ingoldsby
First time in 25 years this past Sunday, I went and got skis, rented them, got a one hour lesson, spent two hours on the hill and I can’t wait to go back.
Matthew Schafer

I feel way better. I can walk where I used to have to ride a cart or a wheelchair.
Karen Farkas


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