Everything shifts when we become “aware” of what is really going on. With 80% of businesses failing to reach the 18 month mark, it’s clear that business is not for amateurs.

How does this happen? Why are the numbers so astronomical? Perhaps the question that needs asking should be “Are there common consistencies between the 80% that result to their demise?”

The answer of course is yes!

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Building relationships is what business comes down to. People do not buy products or brands, they buy emotions and states of mind. And there in lies the problem to why 8 out of 10 business’ fail. The majority of businesses and organizations fall in love with their product or service, and not with their customers, or their needs.

An exceptional leader knows how to identify the gaps between where they currently are, and where they strive to be. Perhaps the greatest distinction exceptional leaders possess is their psychology, and knowing that it’s the side of the business they don’t grasp that ends up hurting them.

Let’s Collaborate

This is where coaching and/or consulting is worth its weight in Gold.

All successful entrepreneurs and business leaders have coaches on some level. It’s not enough to be the skill, or the talent. You must recognize, anticipate and constantly meet and exceed the deepest needs of your clients.

I’m the first to admit I do not have all the answers… not even close. I do however have an unique portfolio of in-depth expertise in a couple specific areas.

  • I’ve presented to hundreds of students & working practitioners & shared the stage with some of the most sought after educators in the industry and I’ve identified the ingredients necessary to creating an extraordinary educational experience.
  • I understand the intricacies of instructing in the post secondary realm, and the inevitable challenges that accompany conventional traditional academia learning environments.
  • I co-created the Pain-Free Movement Specialist curriculum and have a wealth of experience and the aptitude to navigate through the complex nature of content development, systematization and implementation.
  • I’m currently in the final year of obtaining my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and am uniquely equipped to navigate the psychological uncertainties associated with leadership.

If you feel a one-on-one interaction with me can create a win-win for all involved, or If you have something else in mind ….  

Let’s Collaborate


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