Advanced Mechanics in Motion

– Exclusive to Goodlife Personal Trainers

There is no isolation in Function

Contrary to traditional textbook teachings, observing a human body in motion requires an interdependent analysis of how each segment of the body contributes to the whole.

  • How does motion of the scapula (or lack thereof) influence the hip joint?
  • What’s the difference between real and relative joint motion?
  • How do ground reaction forces contribute to the movement of bones and the reaction of muscles?
  • Why is pronation of the sub-talar joint an essential motion during whole body ambulation?
  • What is coupled motion and why is it absolutely essential for efficient, global movement?

Advanced Mechanics in Motion looks at human function through an interdependent, whole body perspective. Click here for full course syllabus.

Workshop Schedule

This one-day workshop begins at 9am, and concludes around 4pm, with time for questions at the end. Regular breaks are scheduled throughout the day. Participants are on their own for lunch from noon to 1:00 PM.

  • Wednesday April 18th, 2018
  • LOCATION – 4211  139 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

Registration Information

Register early! Seating is limited. There are two options to secure your spot:

  1. Send an email transfer to with the note – “GoodLife Seminar” and your email address where I can send the receipt.
  2. Call Movement Masterminds directly to pay with credit card – 780-221-1582.

Total Cost = $150.00 CAD

Upon confirmation of successful payment, a receipt will be emailed directly to the email you provide.

Workshop Synopsis

Have you ever recognized someone from a distance by the way they moved? How is it we can identify an individual without even seeing his or her face? While we truly are unique in how we move, there is nothing basic about human motion and ambulation. In this one-day presentation, you’ll learn how understanding advanced biomechanical concepts and principles leading to the movement intelligence that’s necessary to work with elite-level athletes, to individuals suffering from chronic pain.