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Some moments in life shift the world as we know it, bringing into focus unseen perspectives. For Kevin Murray, this instant came when he was standing in the gym with the number one career-scoring leader in the history of Canadian college and university basketball.

Dale Marie dominated her sport, but a knee injury had greatly reduced her mobility, and she had come to Kevin for advice. A relative novice at that time, Kevin could do little more than take her through a few movement assessments, watching in concern as this talented athlete, with an exciting career mapped out before her, struggled to retrieve her basketball dominance. Frustrated, he watched the talented athlete struggle to work around her pain.

And he was stumped.

That night he bought a book, by a guy called Tom Myers. The next, a DVD featuring Anthony Carey. As he sat absorbing new worlds of information, threads of excitement began to weave their magic through him. He couldn’t know that these two small purchases would completely shift the course of his life.

Perspectives Conference - 2012 CSEP-CPT of the Year Award recipient.

2012 CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer of the Year Award recipient.

It wasn’t long before Kevin was on a plane to attend Myers’ 2-day seminar in San Jose. Only a short time later, he was meeting Carey at a 3-day mentorship program in San Diego. This led to several meetings between Kevin and his newfound mentors, and it was clear they shared a similar vision and passion for healing. When Carey offered Kevin the role of Director of Education for his group Function First in 2013, he was delighted to accept the offer.

Following an intensive teacher training process, Kevin’s career took another exciting leap when Myers invited him to join his team as one of the Associate Teachers at Anatomy Trains. Now a part of Myers’ inner circle, Kevin found himself surrounded by some of the brightest minds in manual therapy, and quickly discovered that while his expertise was movement, the anatomy-based knowledge of these specialists was astonishing.

In July 2014 Kevin’s professional aspirations came to fruition when he teamed with Myers and Carey to create a breakthrough 3-day program. “Bridging the Gap” combined different factions of both manual therapy and movement modalities to provide cross-education and ideas sharing, unveiling exciting new possibilities for the participating specialists.

With many more exciting events on the horizon, Kevin is as passionate as ever in guiding those in chronic pain and movement limitations towards a life where pain is no longer a limiting obstacle, as well as educating and inspiring the passionate professionals who help them.

  • “Bridging the Gap” 3-day seminar in Walpole, ME

  • Surfing in San Diego, CA

  • Snowboarding in Whistler, BC – Canada

  • Oilers game in Edmonton, AB – Canada

  • Edward Scissorhands

  • Snowboarding in Banff, AB – Canada

  • Sailing off the coast of Maine

  • Trick or Treating

  • Jedi Training

  • Date with Destiny – Fiji


Where does Kevin spend his time away from “the office”?

You can catch him snowboarding the mountains in Banff, AB during the winter months, and recharging on the beaches of Kelowna, BC in summer. The in-between times are spent wrestling with his nephews, coloring with his nieces’, on patios with friends (most likely with a frosty beverage in hand), backyard BBQ’s with family, all the while sharing life’s journey with his girlfriend Erin.


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