A Trainers Guide to Whole Body Function – Exclusive to Goodlife Personal Trainers

Advanced Anatomy for Personal Trainers

Are you a Typewriter or Laptop?

Is your understanding of human anatomy 1-dimensional (like a typewriter), or is your movement comprehension 3-dimesional like a laptop? In case you’re still stuck in the 80’s, it’s time to exchange your typewriter for a remarkably better operating system.

  • How does the body distribute tension across multi-joints – from toes to nose, and heel to head?
  • What is fascia and what’s its role in whole body movement?
  • How do the rhomboids contribute to motion in the arches of the foot?
  • Can tissue restriction in the gastroc and soleus contribute to tightness in the hip flexors?
  • How can one client feel the exact same stretch in a completely different spot than the previous client?

A Trainers Guide to Whole Body Function looks through the Anatomy Trains lens to answer these questions, and many more such as start time, etc. Click here for full course syllabus.

 Workshop Schedule

On each of the two days, the workshop begins at 9am and concludes around 4pm, with time for questions at the end. Regular breaks are scheduled throughout the day. Participants are on their own for lunch from noon to 1:00 PM.

  • Tuesday February  27th
  • Wednesday February 28th
  • LOCATION – 4211  139 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

Registration Information

Register early! Seating is limited. There are two options to secure your spot:

  1. Send an email transfer to kevinmurray8@gmail.com with the note – “GoodLife Seminar” and your email address where I can send the receipt.
  2. Call Movement Masterminds directly to pay with credit card – 780-221-1582.

Total Cost = $275.00 CAD

Upon confirmation of successful payment, a receipt will be emailed directly to the email you provide.

Workshop Synopsis

If we follow the laws of traditional mechanics and relate them to the human organism, our bodies would not be capable of handling our daily environments. Our muscles would rupture, and our skeleton would collapse. Simply stated, the human body goes far beyond individual muscles pulling on levers, fulcrums and columns. How then does the human body transmit forces across the entire body?

In this seminar, you’ll discover how the Anatomy Trains map of myofascial lines connects muscles-to-muscles that creates an interdependent, totally integrated force distribution system.